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Project Shop Survey

Hey there everyone! We’re holding a quick survey. If you have the time, we would really appreciate if you could complete it. It will help us in deciding future items to sell at the shop. Thank you! ^^

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[ ! ] 9/30/14 Update: New Chains for Keychains!

Hi everyone! Just a quick announcement for the shop: I have ordered a new shipment of chains and they’re slightly smaller than the old ones. 

The smaller chains look much better than the longer chains, and will stick closer to the attached area (so they swing around less). These will be the new default for the shop from now on and will be priced the same ($0.50 to add for all keychains). But if you want the longer chains you can note so in the comment section of our order form when you make an order.  

Also, some exciting news: I am currently planning a renovation for the shop blog as well as expanding the shop to other social networks! I will keep you all updated when I have finalized the new branches of the shop so that you can find us in other sites besides tumblr. In the meanwhile, I am also working on more sets and products to come by the holiday season. Thank you, and have a great week everyone!

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[!] 8/16/14 Update: Buttons Restocked!

Hello everyone! Thankfully we survived last week’s storm and the shop is open again with lots of new items! Including our Red Light, Darling, and Catallena sets, we have BTS buttons available as well! Additionally we have also restocked on our B.A.P buttons, both series 1 and 2! Every button except the Sorry Shutdown has been restocked (our mistake during production, we promise to get it made next time). Please note that the button quantity is very limited and we may not restock for a while, so if you are interested, just remember that first come, first serve. Our remaining buttons from the last stocks will go on discount (inquire with us if you want to buy). Lastly, don’t forget to check out our Bento Box Event! All bento box packs will be available until Sept. 1st. Thank you everyone for your support!